Warehouse & Shipping

Our 5,000 square foot warehouse is available 24/7 for pick- up and delivery of your valuable parts and inventory. We have a 3-ton bridge crane that safely and efficiently unloads parts from flat bed trucks. Our facility also has a loading dock to efficiently unload covered vans. Our Warehouse Manager is available to discuss any special packaging needs and to arrange for pick-up and delivery of customers’ parts.

Warehouse/Supply Manager

Jan-Eze inventory of work in progress is the property of our customers. I am responsible for ordering supplies and spare parts for the facility. I ensure accurate and timely receiving and shipping of customer parts and utilize proper warehousing procedures to account for quantities and keep product safe and protected. We package all product to specific customer specifications. It is my responsibility to ensure that parts transition to and from the plating/finishing operations while coordinating with Administrative Assistants’ order processing and billing. Once complete, I communicate with customers to advise parts are ready for shipping and ship per their instructions and desired carrier.