Having been in the plating business for over 29 years, we have learned how critical lead times are to our loyal customers. We receive and process parts on a 24/7 basis to meet your demand, and when required we can generally turn around parts within a few hours’ time.

We have the personnel and equipment to process small and large quantities. We have the capability to develop and produce fixturing to aid in the proper distribution of plating, thus greatly reducing or eliminating the need for post-plating grinding or machining.

Our staff is available to solve your plating problems and offer solutions to save time, money and extend the life of your component.

Gary Hughes

Gary Hughes

CEO and General Manager

My name is Gary Hughes, CEO and General Manager and I coordinate and schedule production and maintenance throughout our facility. I work closely with customers on a personal basis to ensure that Jan-Eze can supply quality parts within a time frame that meets their demands.

I look forward to answering questions about our capacities/capabilities and will provide price and delivery quotes.

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