Jan-Eze Plating

In response to a need for an industrial chromium plating plant in the mid-south, Dale Hart and a group of investors opened Jan-Eze Plating in 1986.  From a modest beginning with thirteen employees and 2500 square feet of production facilities, today Jan-Eze has grown to be a large and diversified operation covering 40,000 square feet, serving customers throughout the United States.

Our business philosophy and objectives remain the same today as when the company was founded:  to bring the full potential of our employees, technology, quality and service to bear on our customers’ needs.  Small, medium and large companies know they can depend on Jan-Eze to deliver the best, most cost-effective functional coatings available.

Gary Hughes

Gary Hughes

CEO and General Manager

My name is Gary Hughes, CEO and General Manager and I coordinate and schedule production and maintenance throughout our facility. I work closely with customers on a personal basis to ensure that Jan-Eze can supply quality parts within a time frame that meets their demands.

Our vision is to provide innovative thinking, quality, delivery and cost effective functional plating to our customers.

We realize time is a precious commodity, so let us offer our services to help establish your parts-unique coating requirements.

We will design and build plating processes and equipment that deliver the plating quality and integrity you require.

By offering our services 24/7 we can meet most any lead time requirement.

I sincerely hope that you will contact me or my staff for help in discussing your unique requirements.

I look forward to answering questions about our capacities/capabilities and will provide price and delivery quotes.

Ed Ryan

Ed Ryan

Quality Control Manager

As Quality Control Manager I develop, implement and manage quality control systems. These processes ensure consistent product that meets or exceeds established standards and customer specifications. It’s important to maintain a close working relationship with our customers and identify any potential quality issues to resolve them before processing. When customer issues do arise, we investigate and take corrective action as quickly as possible.

Stanley Scoggin

Environmental/Safety Manager

As Environmental/Safety Manager I audit and evaluate the equipment, facility and processes in the plant to ensure compliance with government safety, environmental regulations and industry standards. It is important to identify any potentially hazardous materials and processes related to our plating. Our team recommends and implements changes to protect and educate employees on how to prevent health problems through the use of safety training programs and personal protective equipment. We also utilize outside risk management and consulting services in this endeavor. Investigating accidents, identifying their cause and finding ways to prevent future accidents is a top priority. Jan-Eze has achieved SHARP (Safety, Health Achievement Recognition Program) from the United States Department of Labor OSHA

Warehouse/Supply Manager

Jan-Eze inventory of work in progress is the property of our customers. I am responsible for ordering supplies and spare parts for the facility. I ensure accurate and timely receiving and shipping of customer parts and utilize proper warehousing procedures to account for quantities and keep product safe and protected. We package all product to specific customer specifications. It is my responsibility to ensure that parts transition to and from the plating/finishing operations while coordinating with Administrative Assistants’ order processing and billing. Once complete, I communicate with customers to advise parts are ready for shipping and ship per their instructions and desired carrier.