Jan-Eze Plating is a high-performance chrome and nickel plating company that offers solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. We offer:

  • hard chromium plating on a variety of parts and substrates;
  • plating of power valves, oil and gas valves;
  • plating of pistons and cylinders for two-cycle engines;
  • plating of hydraulic cylinders, rods and tubes in tank capacities from 14” in diameter X 14’ long up to 50” in diameter X 50’ long;
  • I.D. plating;
  • an in-house machine shop capable of fixturing various shapes and sizes;
  • hard chrome plating to military specifications QQ-C-320, Class 2;
  • and a Quality Control department with the most modern tools, capable of verifying plating specifications by size, finish or hardness.